[Cobra Video] A Boy's Raw Urges.wmv

Cobra Video - A Boy's Raw Urges
The first of the six hot scenes in A Boy's Raw Urges features toned topboy Bailey and smooth twink Jaimie. Bailey makes Jamie him strip off his jogging pants and lick his cock through his jock strap before Bailey unleashes the beast and tells Jaimie to suck on it then to sit on him. Bailey fucks the smooth boy's tight hole until Jamie cums, then keeps pounding him harder until he squirts his own truly huge load!
Cayden finds straight boy Tommy hanging out at the beach. Heading to a changing room, Cayden licks and sucks until Tommy explodes on his face.
Shaun finds Dylan just waking and rubbing his stiff morning wood and seduces him, taking advantage of the boys' horniness. Shaun jumps up on Dylan and sits down on his stiff perfect cock. Dylan just pulls out in time to give Shaun a nice mouthful, squeezing out the last drops on his tongue. Shaun then lays next to Dylan and jacks his huge meat, squirting a big load on Dylan's chest.
Next Cayden gets jacked and sucked off completely by Bailey in a rare scene where a boy explodes just by getting sucked off. Cayden blows his biggest load into Bailey's mouth and on his face before the boys end by kissing as the sticky white boy juice streams between their lips and chin.
Baby faced smooth boy Corey lets Shaun lick and suck his cock and ass, before Corey fucks Shaun while jacking Shaun's huge cock. Precum streams while he pumps him until Shaun explodes his load on his chest and tummy. Corey lets his load gush over and in Shaun's eager asshole.

Cayden showers, and Bailey spies on him but gets caught. They head to the bedroom and sixty nine before Bailey sits on Cayden's thick eight incher and Cayden pounds him in several positions. Cayden pops his load onto Baileys hole and then shoves it back in. Now comes Bailey's turn, and its one of the biggest squirt ever as six foot blasts of venom stream from his cock toward the camera.