ChaosMen - 2412 - Aiden Asher & Espen (1080p).mp4

I hadn’t yet challenged Aiden Asher to get fucked by a really big cock. I was little worried he might struggle with Espen’s dick. As it turned-out he was perfectly fine taking a big cock.

Aiden starts by blowing Espen, getting his dick hard. He worked at for a bit, but the two take a break and do some side-by-side jerking. Espen got his dick harder, then couldn’t wait any longer to suck Aiden’s cock.

Aiden Asher cums easiest while being fucked on his back, but after getting a mouthful of Espen’s cock, he thought he better start the initial insert on his back. Espen slid his cock in slow and steady, and it only took Aiden a bit to accommodate his over-sized cock.

Soon he was asking Espen to fuck him faster and harder. I guess we have no worries about Aiden handling a big cock!

I also think you should note in this video that Espen has really upped his verbal game. He started at ChaosMen just after turning 18, and I don’t think he had a lot porn watching or even actual sex experience. He was always so focused and quiet while fucking. But now he seems to know instinctively what to say to the other model, which really turned Aiden on even more.

Next Aiden Asher sat on his on the edge of the bed, and it is really hot watching him bounce around on Espen’s cock while making-out.

They ended by fucking doggie-style and I was worried that Aiden was a ‘cum on my back only’ type of guy.

But he easily nutted and showered us with his load as Espen fucked him hard.

Espen then nutted his first couple squirts right on Aiden Asher’s hole, then plunged in and dumped the rest of his load inside of Aiden.