BlakeMason - Scott Miller & Leo Ocean [720p].mp4

Scott landed in the UK from Holland can came straight to the studio to meet Leo. Maybe it was his lack of sleep or maybe he's always this horny? We don't know, but it led to an amazing flip fuck between the two. His hot jock body against Leo's pale and smooth frame is amazing while they kiss, but soon enough Leo is heading for Scott's drooling cock and slurping his wet inches. The handsome new arrival shows his own skills when gets gobbling on his new pal's length, but when Leo gets his tongue between those tanned ass cheeks we know he's ready to pound that butt. Scott makes a great bottom, he clearly loves getting fucked, but he can give as good as he gets and when he takes his turn he really delivers. Their swapping back and forth works to get them both there, the lad's jack off side-by-side and launch their hot milky mess over themselves in a creamy finish!

19 April 2020