[Str8Hell] Ivan Zrzek and Mojzis Kral RAW - AIRPORT SECURITY.mp4

Mojzis Kral is in charge of Airport Security and has to check some luggage. He opens the suitcase and starts to check whatever is inside. After doing a thorough search of the case there is a knock on the door and Ivan Zrzek arrives. He passes over his ID. It is his luggage that has just been checked. It seems that he is in trouble as there was a knife in the luggage. Mojzis is very thorough and decides he needs to search Ivan's body too. He tells him to strip naked. Mojzis feels all over Ivan's naked body and explains that he is in trouble.

Ivan, it seems, really needs to catch his flight and is ready to do almost anything. Mojzis opens his pants and pulls out his big, stiff, cock. The only way for Ivan to get on the plane is to suck that dick. Despite his protestations he soon has that big, fat, cock in his mouth. Mojzis pulls the head onto his huge cock as he fucks it into Ivan's mouth. It seems that Ian's mouth works well as Mojzis moans as his cock is sucked. He pulls it out and slaps it on Ivan's face. That dick is so hard as Ivan's sucks it. He licks along the shaft to.

Then feels it fucking his mouth as Mojzis' balls swing too. Mojzis is so horny as, naked, he makes Ivan kneel on the chair and present his ass. That big cock is soon being worked into Ivan's tight ass. Mojzis hips start to thrust as his huge dick fucks that hot ass. Ivan takes that dick well as it fucks deep into his hole. Mojzis fucks hard as his dick works the ass. He spanks on Ivan's ass too, so that it reddens nicely. After some hard fucking Mojzis turns Ivan over, onto his back, for even more. Ivan moans as that huge dick is shoved so deep into his hole. He grabs his own cock and wanks it hard too. That cock soon erupts to deliver a huge cum shot, dumping the load all over his hot body. Mojzis continues his hard fucking as Ivan cums and he carries on until he is ready to unload too. Then he pulls out and wanks his dick to cum as well.