Rascal - A Toy Story (2009) Rascal C1R mp4

director Chi Chi LaRue

Blake Riley
Drake Riley
Jackson Lawless
Jeremy Bilding
Johnny Hazzard
Lance Howard
Manny Max
Rod Daily

The Rascals open up Chi Chi LaRue's Toy Chest and give the Rascal Toy Line a try on their play dates. Blake and Drake Riley give "Blake Riley's Perfect Ass" a ride, while Drake compares the toy to the real thing. Jeremy Bilding warms up Jackson Lawless' ass with "The Controller" before taking him to the big leagues with "The Blackballed Dildo." Manny Max works Lance Howard's ass with "The Delinquent," and Johnny Hazzard welcomes Rod Daily to the world of bottoming with "The Initiation Kit." After this playful movie, you'll want a Rascal Toy of your very own!

1. Drake Riley, Blake Riley

2. Jeremy Bilding, Jackson Lawless

3. Manny Max, Lance Howard

4. Rod Daily, Johnny Hazzard