Orrange Media - Steamy Dutch Boys.m4v

It is said that the Dutch are some of the filthiest boys on the planet, and these Steamy Dutch Boys certainly don't want to let the side down. Tall and strong, with some hefty weight in their pants, their sexual appetites rival any other city, as they not only pair up but invite an another pal to join in with some dirty fun! In the sauna or the locker room, the location is irrelevant, these hot twinks just want to kiss with passion, guzzle hot cock and spit-lube tight boy butts before edging their oversized members deep into willing holes. Two hours of hot action that sees these boys doing a lot more than smoking legal highs in the land of the tulips.
D-Boy, S.C, Logan Mats, Gerard Pique, Kris Blent, Mike Brand, Ben Doder, Christiano

Studio: XMO
Duur: 120 minuten
Verschijningsdatum: 02-11-2017
Ref#: 12968D

This movie cums straight from the original DVD. It's a very long time for me to share a video here so if there are some problems/issues for this torrent, please say it to me and i wil try to fix it.
Oh, and for all you out there; Sorry, no subs for this movie. I can try make them on my own, but trust me, it would suck and you watch porn to get extra horny, not for the text from the actors. And believe me, the text in this movie is the same as every other porn movie: MMMMMMMM, AAAHHHHHH, OOOHHHHHHH.

Have fun watching this movie; Dutch gay porn movies are very, very, very, rare.