In the Field of Play (2001) US Male mp4

director Paul Barresi

Chris Sullivan
Dirk Addams
Kurt Summers (00s)
Kurt Wagner (00s)
Lark Larson
Mark Corino
Peter Long
Raphael Valentino

At baseball practice, Raphael Valentino, Lark Larson, Kurt Summers and Dirk Addams agree there is a lot more to baseball than running around in the hot sun all day, so they decide to cut practice short to shag some real balls. Four way oral sex action leads to Kurt Summers topping Raphael Valentino in the bedroom.

Dirk Adams finds a shady spot in the back yard to fuck Lark Larson.

Baseball coach, Mark Cirrino massages his star player Kurt Wagner injured shoulder in the jacuzzi for a while, then administers some internal therapy.

Ball players Chris Wagner and Peter Long hit and field a few balls, then take a break. While resting on the bleachers, they decide to call it a day and take time to run some plays off the field. Chris gives Peter a major league fucking.

1. Raphael Valentino, Lark Larson, Kurt Summers (00s), Dirk Addams

2. Lark Larson, Dirk Addams

3. Kurt Summers (00s), Raphael Valentino

4. Kurt Wagner, Mark Corino

5. Chris Sullivan, Peter Long