ChaosMen - 2172 - Carter Sloan & Timmy - Serviced (HD 60FPS).mp4

Description - I think Timmy finally met his match with a cock too big for him to deep throat. First, he peels back Carter's PJ bottoms, revealing a rapidly growing cock. With some squeezing, tugging and sucking, he gets Carter's cock to its giant state. Between the length and the girth, Timmy had to keep a hand in there so he could stroke all of Carter's cock. In order to give Timmy's throat some relief, he spins Carter around and rims his hole. He then laid on the bed, trying his best to get his face fucked. But Timmy could just not handle that angle. Carter's cock is just too big! After literally choking on Carter's cock, he lost his own boner, but Carter was quickly ramping up to fill Timmy's mouth with his load. It was a lot of cum! Timmy chokes on most of it, but manages to showcase just how much jizz had entered his mouth. Timmy sucks the last bit of cum from Carter's spent cock! There is a cute OutTake at the end, "There is so much dick!"