William Higgins - Peter & Miro.mp4

Peter Hronsky Jr does a screentest with Miro Dalek. These two good looking straight guys sit on the bed chatting as Miro interviews Peter. Then they begin to kiss and get barechested. Miro removes his jeans and his big, stiff cock is exposed. Peter shows his willingness to please as he takes the cock into his mouth and sucks it. His head slides up and down on the rock hard cock. Miro lays back and enjoys the attention his cock is receiving as Peter licks up and down the thick shaft and sucks on the head. Then Peter's jeans are pushed down, as he moves onto his knees, then his cock is sucked by Miro. That throbbing cock, with the big, bulbous, head points skywards as Miro's mouth works on it. They kiss again and Peter takes another turn at sucking as he works on Miro's dick. He then moves behind Miro and slides his rampant cock into the waiting ass. Miro moans as the thick cock slides deep into his waiting hole. Peter's hips thrust as he fucks the tight hole. Then he pulls out and lays back on the bed for Miro to sit his ass down on the hard dick. He rides on Peter's cock, taking it deep into his ass. Turning around he sits back down on that cock and rides it some more. Peter thrusts his dick up into the hot ass. Moving again Miro is fucked missionary style as Peter's dick works deep into the ass. Miro wanks himself as he takes the cock in his hole. He quickly shoots his hot cum as Peter's dick is deep inside him. Peter fucks faster and pulls out to shoot his hot cream onto Miro's belly. He leans over and kisses Miro again to complete his screentest.