[Staxus] The Sphere, Sc 4 - Lucas Drake & Navon Raffi (1080p).mp4

Released: 17 June 2018
Duration: 21m 22s

He may have lost his cute, blond curls, gained a rather trendy tattoo on his arm, and look a little bit older than used to be the case, but some things never seem to change – and let’s face it, Lucas Drake was, is, and always will be a total and utter cock-slut! A fact that’s underlined when he arrives to help clean Navon Raffi’s car wearing nothing more than a smirk and the sort of magnificent hard-on that could literally have someone’s eye out! To be fair, Drake actually seems to spend far more time lathering up his own body rather than soaping down the paintwork, but you can bet your last dollar that Raffi isn’t about to complain. In fact, before you know it the fellow is down on his knees giving Drake’s meaty, uncut shaft a real good going over with his tongue; before both fellows take full advantage of the back of the pick-up truck to simultaneously explore and probe each other’s intimate quarters.

Given his character, however, and the fact that Drake can never, ever say no to a throbbing cock in his arse, it’s no big marvel that the said fellow is soon taking full advantage of the situation – plonking his lithe little frame down on Raffi’s knob and riding every inch at full pelt like it’s bonus time at the local brothel! Of course, given the amount of dick that the lad has had pounding his guts over the past few years – both on-screen and off! – it’s a marvel Drake still has any sense left in his rump. To his credit, however, this is a top-notch performance from the cocky slut; culminating in him lapping at Raffi’s erupting shaft, before blasting out a violent wad of jizz all of his own!