Staxus - Joel Tamir & Ron Negba.mp4

Release Date: July 5, 2018

Studio Blurb:
“Do you remember me?” Joel Tamir asks Ron Negba at the start of this soccer-inspired duo, set in the changing rooms of some backwater football club in rural Czechia. It’s a straightforward question, of course, given that this two buddies haven’t seen each other in fuck knows how long – but an immensely stupid one all the same. After all, with a donkey-sized cock like the one Tamir has between his legs, who the hell would ever forget? Indeed, there’s no denying the relish with which Negba takes a trip down memory lane as he promptly strips his old buddy out of his trousers; and proceeds to gobble away on every delicious inch of man-meat with the kind of gusto that surely ought to be bottled up and sold! Not to be outdone, however, Tamir’s equally keen to return the experience; and the two mates are soon 69-ing for all they’re worth on the bench, before Negba focuses attention on Tamir’s ever-appetising fuck-hole.

Given the intensity of the encounter up to this point – and we’d totally understand if you’ve already unloaded! – it almost comes as something of a relief when Negba finally secures victory by thrusting his raw shaft deep into Tamir’s guts; but what respite there is proves somewhat fleeting, as the diminutive top buries his swollen manhood to the hilt and proceeds to violate his mate’s most intimate quarters to the max! What’s more, Tamir – as per usual – loves every fucking second of it; cementing his role as a premier-class slut in the process and sealing the deal by taking a top-notch load on the face, before yanking out a multi-shot rupture of his own!