Staxus - Bjorn Nykvist, Liam Stone (480p).mp4

They’re hot on the pitch – so hot, in fact, that they decide to strip out of their kits so that they can run around stark bollock naked! – and to be perfectly honest they’re even hotter in the showers afterwards. Old-time favourite, Bjorn Nykvist, and relative newbie, Liam Stone, show off the extroverted side of their characters as they flaunt it big style in the sunshine; before smooching on the touchline, and then soaping each other up in anticipation of a hardcore session of boy-on-boy action. Needless to say it doesn’t take very long for Nykvist to be down on his knees so that he can gobble away on his mate’s handsome schlong; before Stone returns the favour, and finally both lads 69 to their hearts’ content down on the floor. All of which sets the scene nicely for Stone to get his hairless pucker vigorously rimmed against the wall of the showers; allowing Nykvist to lube his pal up with his tongue, prior to him thrusting the full fury of his arsenal deep into the pretty lad’s guts.

It’s a relentless display that leaves precious little to the imagination, as director, John Smith, captures every glorious second of Stone’s impalement; culminating in the fellow riding raw, reverse cowboy style. If the sight of this sweet beauty being violated to the max doesn’t yield a heavy wad from your dick, then rest assured that seeing both lads dump generous loads of hot jizz all other each other’s faces surely will; leaving each of these fine angels dripping with cum, as they exchange a final, sticky smooch together. Football has rarely looked quite so appealing – or quite so splendidly messy!