Staxus - Beno Eker, Gregor Gilead, Joel Tamir (480p).mp4

Given the political situation, it’s tempting to think that nothing good ever really comes out of Russia – until, that is, we’re introduced to a lad like Gregor Gilead, whose nervousness almost oozes from the screen as he speaks directly to the camera at the start of this splendidly horny threesome with Beno Eker and Joel Tamir. Any hesitancy he’s feeling, however, only seems to add to this newbie’s appeal; and quickly evaporates once his two companions appear on the scene to literally fight to gobble away at his already badly swollen cock. What’s more, it only seems to take a few minutes before the young fellow is promptly returning the favour on Eker’s shaft, whilst Tamir rims away at his ass like the veritable pro we already know him to be.

Cue the delectable sight of the horny rookie plonking himself down on Eker’s raw knob and riding it like a Moscow slut – his initial nerves now nothing more than a distant memory. Given his reputation as a total cock-bitch, however, it perhaps won’t come as too much of a surprise to see Tamir soon jostling for position as the centre of attention; and before you know it the lad has regained his natural position as bottom, and is taking every inch that Gilead and Eker can thrust in his direction. All of which sets the scene for a top-notch display of cum-splattering that will almost certainly set a whole legion of fans spewing in similar fashion; Tamir blasting Gilead’s mouth, Eker dumping his wad over Tamir, and then finally Gilead retaking his position as the centrepiece on the sofa to wank out a generous blast of porn-virgin baby-brew!