[French Twinks] A Dreamy Awakening - Celian Meyer, Gabriel Lambert (1080p).mp4

Released: 20 Nov 2017
Duration: 29m 17s

Celian Meyer, an 18 year old French boy, had the chance to take a nap with the handsome Gabriel Lambert. While the two twinks doze half-naked under the duvet Celian wakes up slowly with a big desire for sex. He takes advantage of the sleep of Gabriel to start caressing shyly the beautiful bump in his boxer. The situation is exciting and Celian is more and more enterprising. He now slips his hand into Gabriel’s underwear and the two young cocks harden quickly. Celian browses his soft tongue on Gabriel’s beardless body and finish on his crotch to take his cock in mouth. Gabriel has the delicious surprise to wake up getting sucked and it’s delighted that he starts kissing Celian.

The two twinks are now naked, their pretty cocks erect and they suck each other in a sensual and cuddly exchange. Gabriel is interested in the little ass of Celian and moves him on the back to be able to feast on his ass. The young guy moans with pleasure when he feels Gabriel’s fingers penetrating his intimacy. Celian has a tight ass but gradually relaxes as Gabriel continues to finger it, pushing two, three, then four fingers and doing the pleasure raising crescendo. Once his little hole is well dilated Celian makes it clear to Gabriel that he’s ready to be fucked. The twink who was waiting for it then pushes his big cock in the tight ass of Celian and he begins to fuck him energetically. Celian whines of pleasure and Gabriel varies the rhythm and the positions until he can no longer contain himself and comes to cum the beautiful face of Celian. Multiple jets of hot and thick cum splash Celian who looks Gabriel smug and delights eating his cum.