[Boys Halfway House] Incident # 182 - Hole-istic Therapy - Leo Edwards.mp4


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Description - A brand new guy in the House, who hasn't even had an opportunity to get a full night's sleep, is generally a bundle of all-messed-up. These are young people who have (almost) officially fallen to rock bottom. The good news for most of them is that there is generally only one way to go, which is upward. Our thankless jobs as House Managers is akin to scraping road kill off of the side of the highway, except that in this case, the road kill is expected to spring back into action and become a useful member of society. In addition to getting our dicks wet, we definitely understand that we strive toward a higher purpose. We generally assume that treating these losers like whores in no small part contributes to their quick recovery. Most often, they want to get the hell out of their and never return. I'm sure this guy will react the same. Newbies like him on their first day are a bundle of conflicting thoughts and emotions: embarrassment, despair, anger, and sometimes hope. They are easy to sway at this delicate moment, which makes it way easier to get some early favors from them. And once they've complied once, the rest of the times is like taking candy from a baby. He looked puzzled when I pulled my cock out after giving him a little pep talk about "getting along" and "we're all here to help each other," but in spite of his initial bewilderment, this twenty year old cock sucker knew exactly what to do. It might have been the first cock he'd sucked in days, in fact. I could sort of tell that he didn't mind it too much. The verbal abuse he took well, too. I was pretty sure that he had been used to being called a piece of shit from an early age. But in spite of all of that, when he noticed my attention going towards his hole, the look on his face changed immediately. He was not about it. I fucked him anyway, and I fucked him good. This guy was taking it, too. So it definitely wasn't his first time. However, I intended to make sure it was his most memorable. As I put him on his knees, I continued going in deep, and grabbing his hair was the next obvious step. If you're going to have a haircut like that, you should expect to have it grabbed while you're getting dicked-down, am I right? It felt so good, I was audibly impressed. And since he was so athletic, I had him ride it. Well, I found out that even though he might be "gym athletic" he was actually a lazy cunt. But after I barked at him to do it better, he found it in himself to give it the good old college try. Well, that did it for me, and I bred the little fucker while he was impaled on my cock. He might last a few weeks, or he might finish the program. My hope is that this kind of hole-istic therapy gets his mind focused so that he can get the hell out of here and do the right things with his life. Featuring: Leo Edwards.