[Boys Halfway House] Incident # 180 - Old-Fashioned Hole Thrashing - Billy Saint.mp4


FILE NAME: BoysHalfwayHouse - Incident #180 - Old-Fashioned Hole Thrashing - Billy Saint.mp4 CODEC ID: MPEG-4, mp42, Duration : 26 min 58 s, Bit rate : 2 493 kb/s Screen Resolution : 1 280P X 720P, Display aspect ratio: 16:9

Description - It's pretty brazen to be selling when you are in recovery, even if you aren't doing the stuff yourself. Well, we definitely toe a hard line when it comes to this sort of infraction. I had the dipshit sit in his closet for a few hours to think about what he had done, and even afterward he came across as quite snarky and un-remorseful. Well, I didn't tell him this, but I planned on getting my dick wet and then calling his P.O. anyway. In the meantime, I figured I'd have a little fun with this miscreant. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and shoved his mouth down on my cock, over and over. No gag reflex, which was great. He sucks a pretty mean dick, this one. I could have had him just give me some dome until I nutted, but I was eager to see what kind of junk he could pack in his trunk. When he removed his clothes and bent over, I saw that his hole was nice and pink, and not nearly as used as I had thought it would be. Loose, too. Hell, it didn't take much more than a gob of spit to slide my fattie right in there. He winced on cue, but to tell you the truth he is just a little whiny bitch anyways, so I wasn't surprised. After some hard pounding in doggie, you could have stuffed a baseball bat up his cunt. Since his hole wasn't going to pose a problem, I just let loose, thrashing his hole hard until I was sure that he was going to give up. Instead, he had a boner! Well, that was my cue to have him ride me hard. You wouldn't think by looking at him that he was very athletic, but this guy bounced up and down on my dick for a lot longer that I was expecting, the whole time jerking his hard little dick. This is one of those rare cases where the punishment backfires: the resident actually gets off on being treated like dirt. Oh, well. At least I was enjoying it, which is all I cared about in the first place. I pulled out to see his gaping boy hole, and he just stuck his fingers right in there and kept going until he nutted. I let him, since I knew he wouldn't necessarily have this opportunity in the County Jail, and hey - I'm not all that bad to these guys. So he came and then I came in his mouth. After a bitch slap, I left him soaked in his own sweat and both of our jizz. Won't be seeing him again for a while, though, I expect. Featuring: Billy Saint.