CockyBoys - Damian Rios fucks Tori Andrews.wmv

Damian Rios Fucks Twinkie Tori


Sometimes a guy's just in the mood to see a hot blonde twink get drilled and that's exactly the mood I was in when I picked up Damian and Tori at the bar one night. I saw them flirting with each other by the dance floor, walked up to them and told them if they were gonna go home to fuck that they may as well do it on camera for me and make some money in the process...and they agreed! You gotta love the power of alcohol. They start off making out in bed but it isn't long before Tori is gobbling up Damian's cock. Once Damian's nice and hard he flips Tori over so he can tongue lash that sweet hole of his to get it all wet and ready. Tori, clearly a talented bottom, puts a condom between his teeth and actually rolls it on to Damian's eager cock with his mouth. Then he climbs on top of Damian and rides that dick for all it's worth. Damian flips Tori over onto his back so he can fuck his hot ass while the two make out furiously. Then little Tori bends over and buries his face in the pillow so Damian can fuck him doggie style for a bit before the two go back to fucking missionary style. It ain't long before these boys have gotta blow! Damian pulls out and sprays his seed all over Tori, who cums all over himself moments later.

Duration: 14 minutes

Rel. Aug. 17, 2009